PO Rosenqvist: CXO and board member of Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ). Chairman of the Board of Ironblock AB. Long experience of working in senior positions in business. In-depth interest in the financial and international aspects of corporate building.



Johan Olson: Entrepreneur with a background in medical technology, IT, real estate and consumer goods. Focus is on sales and market development. Education in business administration and organization. International experience in management and board work. Worked as expert as well as coach for SME companies on behalf of the EU Commission in different contexts. Certified by the Board of Directors Academy as a member of the Board of Directors and a mentor at Lund University Master’s program in Entrepreneurship.


Board Members

Adam Schatz: Wide commercial experience. Started his career in London as an analyst at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, and subsequently served as CEO at Teknoseed AB, a venture capital company focused largely on investment in and development of companies in themedical technology sector. Presently Business Area Manager for the ALM division within Axiell AB. Earlier positions within Gambro/Baxter, include CFO of EMEA, Head of UK and Ireland, as well as business development. Master of Financial Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and Bachelor of Theoretical Philosophy at Lund University.


Jonas Eberhard: Senior Medical Advisor, R & D at Lundbeck since 2010. Specialist Physiotherapist in psychiatry. Associate Professor at Lund University and Honorary Senior Researcher at King’s College London.


Konstantin Lebediev: In-depth knowledge of the Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industry in terms of development, trial, marketing and management. Specialized in planning strategic development and change management. Employed as Global Medical Advisor at Lundbeck. Active in many research teams as well as engaged in various investigations. Former CEO of a women’s hospital. Beside this he has a large number of other positions behind him.


ren Nielzén: One of the authors of the method and co-founder of SensoDetect. Since 2005 member of the board of SensoDetect. Lecturer and Chief Physician (Psychiatry) and former Study Director in Psychiatry at Lund University and Guest Professor in Vienna. Further internationally recognized in clinical psychoacoustics. His dissertation ”Music, Mind and Mental Illness” considered a reference work.




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