We use cookies – for your sake!

Our web cookies (cookies) are not edible, but are small text files placed on your computer, mobile phone or other device, when you visit our website. Cookies can, for example, help us to recognize you the next time you visit our website, but also allow us to offer a safer and more reliable service.

There are two types of cookies. Temporary cookies (session cookies) are stored as long as you are visiting the website and are deleted when you close the browser. The other type is saved for a longer period of time but has an expiry date. 

Functional cookies; are used to handle certain features on our pages, so your choices and settings will be remembered when you return to the website.

Cookies for analysis; are used to measure the demand for our services, how they are used and work for the user. The information we gather is used to maintain and improve our services.

Third-party cookies; our partners may be allowed to use cookies in our services for the same purposes as described above. We may also allow third parties offering services on our behalf to use cookies for the purposes described above.

Most browsers allow the user to choose how cookies are handled. You can set the browser to refuse to accept cookies, or to delete certain cookies. If you choose to block cookies, parts of the functionality of our service may be impaired or disappear, as it requires that cookies are allowed.


Permission to use cookies
If your browser settings allow cookies, we interpret this to mean that you accept cookies on our website.


Delete cookies
You can turn off or delete cookies on your browser at any time. How the browser is cleared of cookies varies according to which browser you use. You will find how to do this by searching online or in your browser’s help page. Note that if you block all cookies (essential cookies included), you may no longer have access to all features on the site.


How do we use cookies on the website?
We use cookies in order for you to get the right information and offers based on you choices. We also use cookies to submit forms correctly and safely.


A better experience
Our cookies are used to ensure that you get the right information, are able to navigate more easily, use functions and for us to be able to see visitor statistics.


Safer function
With the help of a cookie, the website can e.g. detect that you are logged in. When you log out, the cookie disappears. Cookies are also used for moving information between different steps in a form.


Visitor statistics
Third-party cookies are cookies where the visitor comes from a different domain, and provides us with visitor statistics. We use the statistics to analyse how the site is used and is functioning.


We don’t use cookies to:
• Save personal information about you without your consent.
• Gather any sensitive information.
• Send personal information to third parties.


If you have any further queries about our use of cookies, please contact us at



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