BERA 3.0 delivered to Bolivia

februari 14, 2018

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As previously announced, 2018-01-09 and 2018-01-30, SensoDetect has signed an agreement with its Bolivian distributor on the initiation of a study on a specialist hospital in Santa Cruz Central Bolivia. The study, which is part of the marketing campaign, will start in February/March this year and is based on the new BERA 3.0. The first complete system has now been delivered. This will be tested on a secured group of diagnosed patients and a group of healthy controls.

BERA 3.0 is a portable system that has implemented some new features that ensure the quality of the collected data, the user interface has been improved significantly. For example, the new system supports several different languages and can be customized for multiple user levels. Collected data and all information is encrypted in a secure manner.

The first production Series Arrives shortly. The BERA 3.0 is more cost-effective, easy to produce and portable. It will replace the former version. SensoDetect has as previously announced, 2018-02-12, decided to end the marketing of the previous system and focus entirely on BERA 3.0. As part in our efforts to keep costs down we will terminate the MDD registration of old BERA 2. There is no longer any need for our certification body to carry out its Annual Monitoring of our quality documentation regarding the old BERA 2. However, our management system in accordance with ISO 13485 will be revised in usual order.

”We take an important step further in the launch of the new BERA 3.0. I look forward to the reception of the system in Bolivia and the reactions that it will bring. I also eagerly await the first production series of BERA 3.0 which gives us completely new opportunities in the continued marketing. We will show the market that we have listened, we have acted and now presents an equipment that is upgraded based on the experience and the feed back we received from our users. Now we will take SensoDetect a big leap forward, we leave the old system’s and its restrictions behind us and focus on the BERA 3.0 which gives us an opportunity to offer an appealing solution for the health care system anywhere in the world.”, Says CEO Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB.

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