P-O Rosenqvist: CXO and board member of Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ). Chairman of the Board of Ironblock AB. Long experience of working in senior positions in business. In-depth interest in the financial and international aspects of corporate building.



Martin Linde:  M.Sc of Economics at Lund university and an EMBA.

Martin Linde has a broad experience, from the food industry to the startup world. He held the position as CEO for food industry companies such as Nordic Foodgroup, Abdonmills Finax in addition to several executive positions in sales, marketing and management. He also held the position as CEO at Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ) and executive positions at Acousort, Biofrigas, Optifreeze and more.

Martins strength is in commercialization, sales, finance and building corporate structures.



Board Members


Anders Wallseth: Bachelor of Arts in sociology at Lunds University and an EMBA at Copenhagen Business School.

Anders Wallseth has a solid experience within the MedTech field. He has held the position of CEO at subsidiaries of Radiometer (Ireland & UK) and in addition business area manager in a number of European countries.

Anders most recent position was as international sales director at Hemocue.

Anders have profound knowledge in MedTech with focus on sales and marketing.



Haqvin Svensson: Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

Haqvin Svenssons primary experience is within the financial sector. He is the former vice president and director of economics at MKB, one of Sweden’s largest civic real estate companies.

Haqvin also possess an in-depth knowledge in finance with focus on monitoring and analysis.



Johan Granath: A creative technician and entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience in IT-solutions. Johan has worked many years in the financial software industry with high profiled software projects, building and structuring trading platforms for ”high transaction-/low latency” for larger international markets in Asia, Europe and South America.



ren Nielzén: One of the authors of the method and co-founder of SensoDetect. Since 2005 member of the board of SensoDetect. Lecturer and Chief Physician (Psychiatry) and former Study Director in Psychiatry at Lund University and Guest Professor in Vienna. Further internationally recognized in clinical psychoacoustics. His dissertation ”Music, Mind and Mental Illness” considered a reference work.




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