How it works

Diagnosis of mental illness are related to different parts of the brain. By stimulating the brain and comparing the response to a healthy population, you can get an indication of what diagnosis the patient is suffering from if any. The comparison is performed by the application of various algorithms on the ABR curves.

Health care professionals use this information as an aid to their existing tools used when setting a diagnosis.

Performing the measurement

The actual measurement takes 15 to 20 minutes, and is a simple procedure patented by SensoDetect. It can be done by a trained nurse or caretaker. In a dark and quiet room clicks are presented to the patient through headphones and the response of the brainstem is collected with electrodes.

The result

The data collected during the measurement is translated into an ABR curve which is compared to that of a healthy population. Discrepancies versus the healthy population are shown and related to relevant research illustrating the most likely diagnosis if any.



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