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Towards a Neurophysiologic Support for Diagnosis and Therapeutic Control in Psychiatry. 

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Identification of brainstem biomarkers supporting clinical diagnoses of ADHD and schizophrenia using noninvasive ABR technique.

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Brain stem audiometry may supply markers for diagnostic and therapeutic control in psychiatry.

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Gender Specific Differences in Auditory Brain Stem Response in Young Patients with ADHD.

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Abnormal brainstem auditory response in young females with ADHD.

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Thalamocortical abnormalities in auditory brainstem response patterns distinguish DSM-IV bipolar disorder type I from schizophrenia.

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A new method for analyzing auditory brain-stem response waveforms using a moving-minimum subtraction procedure of digitized analog recordings.

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Monitoring Depth of Anaesthesia Using Brainstem Response: An Exploratory Clinical Study.

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Brainstem evoked response audiometry biomarkers in patients with schizophrenia and adult ADHD.

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Lateral asymmetry and reduced forward masking effect in early brainstem auditory evoked responses in schizophrenia.

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Abnormal auditory forward masking pattern in the brainstem response of individuals with Asperger syndrome.

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The Role of Psychoacoustics for the Research on Neuropsychiatric states – Theoretical Basis of the S-Detect method.

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Psychoacoustics & Schizophrenia.


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Abberant brain stem functioning in schizophrenia.

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An objective diagnostic decision support for schizophrenia.

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Auditory masking and schizophrenia.


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Klinisk psykoakustik kan ge objektiv diagnos vid schizofreni.

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Psychoacoustics and Hallucinating Schizophrenics. A Psychobiological Approach to Schizophrenia.

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Perceptual Restoration of Missing Sounds in a Group of Hallucinating Schizophrenics.

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