SensoDetect discontinues marketing of old BERA

februari 12, 2018

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SensoDetect has decided to now completely discontinue the marketing of old BERA 2 when the new BERA 3.0 is soon launched. As part of this also closes the MDD registration of old BERA 2 and instead the new BERA will be certified according to the new standard.

SensoDetect has decided, as part of the change and the new product offering, to terminate the old BERA 2 products at the same time keeping the analysis part still separately registered under the name BAS. Thus, from February, we have chosen to end the marketing of BERA 2 permanently. It has in fact already been done since last year but when updates and certification processes are costly and no longer for this product adds anything, we have decided that as said permanently stop marketing the product in this old model and completely focus on the new BERA 3.0 which will be launched according to plan. This has been announced and approved by TUV, our certification partner. This decision is fully in line with the strategy put in place last year, which means that costs are falling, and resources can be redirected. These resources can now instead be fully focused on the new BERA 3.0.

BAS is our analysis tool and remains as a class I product as it remains relevant for analyses both with old and new BERA and for other external systems that may be interesting in coming steps.

”It feels good to be able to take a step further towards the launch of the new BERA 3.0 and I look forward to us now being able to focus all resources on this so that we can reach the approval and certification of this new system as quickly as possible. The old BERA system, we have not marketed for the last year since everyone wants the new one anyway and therefore there is nothing to suggest that we should devote resources to it. Now we take a big step further and at the same time we leave the limitations of the old system and invest in a broader and more appealing solution for the healthcare system.”, says CEO Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB.

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