SensoDetect Reinforces with AI skills

januari 24, 2018

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SensoDetect has strengthened the development and analysis team with additional AI (Artificial Intelligence) and analysis expert.

SensoDetect has a strong team working to transform the company from focusing on research and development to market and sales deliverables. Automation, infrastructure and efficiency in everything from routines, handling and analysis. The new BERA 3.0 will offer completely new and unique possibilities.

SensoDetect will continue to see a large influx of new data and thus the need to also be able to focus resources on automation. By recruiting an AI, maths and statistics expert who also has advanced development skills is a very welcome addition to the organization and we are already seeing new results and streamlining processes.

”It’s always nice when you find resources that are a little out of the ordinary and that can not only help but can add extra drive and efficiency. Knowledge of AI is something I’ve been searching after for a while. As we now complete BERA 3.0, we will increasingly start watching and expanding analysis of the data that are regularly entered. It feels very positive to strengthen this part of our organisation as we want to keep a fast and focused tempo on BERA 3.0 development and deliveries.”, says CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB.

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