SensoDetect strengthens market focus

februari 01, 2018

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SensoDetect has signed a cooperation agreement with Innomedica from Finland regarding the identification of potential partners and distributors in Europe with a focus on Germany and the UK.

Sensodetect have chosen to collaborate with Innomedica from Finland to strengthen the focus on the markets in Europe, mainly Germany and the UK

Innomedica Ltd. (founded in 1997) is a business development company which has expertise in market analysis and business partnering i.e. distributor network development and technology out-licensing agreements. Innomedica is specialized in cooperating with life science and medical technology companies to support their R&D and upcoming product launches in new territories. Innomedica’s team consists of people with PhD and Master’s degrees in relevant disciplines. All team members have a long, consistent professional background in the field of life sciences.

Since 1997 Innomedica’s has provided services to more than 250 life science, medical technology and bioeconomy companies in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Innomedica has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and presence also in Sweden and Japan. Innomedica’s business development services are focused especially on the European and Japanese markets.

Innomedica and SensoDetect start the cooperation immediately and will continue during 2018.

”It is very gratifying that we have initiated a collaboration with such an established actor as Innomedica. It opens a network of partners and distributors and I see the opportunity to get a very clear picture of potential partners and distributors in a relatively short time. With BERA 3.0 in the final stages, it is important that we focus in parallel on the market and Innomedicas Team will be an important complement to our own resources. ”says CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect AB.

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