SensoDetect – Study start in Bolivia

januari 30, 2018

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SensoDetect installation and training in Bolivia is planned together with the distributor in one of the hospitals in Santa Cruz.

SensoDetect will during the end of February have a person in place to install a first prototype system of BERA 3.0. The Distributor will first be trained in the technology, so they can offer local service and support to the customer and also during training and installation at the hospital. There will be one BERA 3.0 system intended for a study in accordance with the 3-step model SensoDetect, the distributor and the hospital agreed on.

The first step will include tests on known patients (healthy controls and AHDH diagnosed). During step 2, SensoDetect will verify this data so that population variations can be excluded and show that the results are in compliance with physician’s validated diagnoses. Step 3 will give a go ahead to the hospital to continue to use the system for tests which then will be charged per test in accordance with SensoDetects Business model.

”This study is very interesting and important in many ways, it will test a new population while we also will receive input on the new BERA 3.0. As the distributor in Bolivia is both knowledgeable and interested, we see that it is a good start to let them join early in the evaluation of BERA 3.0. It is also the reason why we only start up a single customer. We want to first get feed-back and test the new BERA system before we widen the amounts of clients. It feels very positive and I look forward to the development both in Bolivia and in the rest of South America.”, says CEO, Johan Olson, SensoDetect Ab.

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