The Technology

SensoDetect® BERA – a tool for investigation of brainstem function.

  • Method of unique stimuli for measurement of brainstem activity.
  • Provides brainstem audiometry measuring the brain’s response to sound.
  • Brainstem audiogram on healthy persons is more or less the same.
  • The audiogram of a patient is compared to that of a healthy population and identifies discrepancies.
  • Discrepancy areas are related to psychiatric diagnoses Schizophrenia and ADHD.
  • The report is a diagnostic aid for the Health Care Professionals (HCP). Ultimately it is the HCP who diagnose, taking all relevant factors into account.

Brainstem evoked response audiometry is fast, safe and easy to use. The test is objective and can be performed on sleeping patients.

SensoDetect® BERA is a unique method of stimuli and measurement of brainstem activity. It cost effectively depicts the brainstems management of acoustic stimuli which can be used by psychiatry as a complement to other observations when screening patients. The goal is to increase efficiency within psychiatry and thereby the benefits for healthcare, society, patients and relatives. The company is listed at Spotlight Stock Market.





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