Version 3.0 – A new compact, portable version of SensoDetect BERA is here!

december 12, 2017

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SensoDetect Bera V3.0 is undergoing a validation with the aim of being able to CE mark the new product soon. The product is improved on a number of points, including stability, size and ease of use.

In the development work, we have, based on the proven basic design of the existing system, modernized and streamlined the system radically while eliminating bottlenecks in the signal paths. New firmware has been developed for the new version. V3.0 is designed for rational industrial production with all components on a single circuit board. V3.0 is now undergoing an internal validation. The basic structure is essentially the same as in previous versions. Existing documentation will be able to be used in the CE process, which significantly reduces the time for the process.
”I am very pleased that the development work has been conducted at a high pace. SensoDetect can shortly offer users a truly modern, portable and compact version of the unique SensoDetect BERA system in a brand new form; V3.0. A portable system that is also suitable for use in the field. The product has all components on a circuit board, can be machine assembled in its entirety and is therefore very cost effective. The new software makes it possible to use SensoDetect Bera V3.0 with a portable PC or touch pad, which makes the product compact and flexible. The new product has features built-in to ensure that all electrodes are properly applied to the patient and that the measurements are of optimal quality. Our validations so far are very promising, the product is stable and the results show highly reproducible. ”Says Johan Olson, CEO, SensoDetect AB.

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